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Urgent Production Operative Jobs in UK 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Agrial Fresh Produce is seeking committed foreign laborers to join our Production Operatives team in the United Kingdom.

This position provides visa sponsorship, making it an exceptional opportunity for foreign nationals to contribute to our flourishing fresh produce industry while working.

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Details of Urgent Production Operative Jobs in UK

  • Company: Agrial Fresh Produce
  • Location: Martland Park, Walthew House Lane, Wigan, WN5 0LB, United Kingdom
  • No. of Vacancies: 10
  • Industry: Agriculture and Farming
  • Salary: £20–£40 per hour
  • Country: UK




Benefits Of Production Operative Jobs in UK

  • Positions Available: Production operative roles are commonly available in various industries, assuring a consistent demand for workers in manufacturing and production settings.
  • Consistent Employment: Numerous production facilities operate year-round, providing stable and dependable employment with frequent extension opportunities.
  • Diverse Industries: Production operatives can find work in numerous industries, such as automotive, electronics, food processing, and pharmaceuticals, allowing for career versatility.
  • Entry-Level Possibilities: Typically, these positions require little formal education or prior experience, making them accessible to individuals entering the workforce or changing professions.
  • Ability improvement: Production workers acquire transferable skills related to machine operation, quality assurance, safety procedures, and collaboration that they can use in other roles and industries.
  • Competitive Income: Even at the entry-level, production operative positions can offer competitive hourly wages, particularly in high-demand industries.
  • Time Off Opportunities: Numerous production positions offer overtime pay, which can significantly increase earnings.
  • Shift Adaptability: Frequently, production facilities operate around the clock and offer a variety of shift options, such as day, night, and weekend schedules, to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and preferences.
  • Group work: Working on a production line frequently requires cooperation with colleagues, which fosters a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.
  • Physical Exercise: The physically demanding nature of some production operative positions may appeal to those who prefer to remain physically active throughout the workday.
  • Profession Advancement: With time and experience, production operatives may be able to advance to supervisory or managerial roles within the production department.
  • Job Protection: As long as the production process remains indispensable to the industry, production operative positions are relatively secure.
  • Basic Advantages: Numerous manufacturing employers provide fundamental benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  • Contributing to Manufacturing: Production operatives play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, ensuring products are manufactured efficiently and meet quality standards.
  • Educational Opportunities: Employers frequently provide training and opportunities for on-the-job learning to help production operatives increase their skills and knowledge.

Qualification & Experience:

  • Although not mandatory, prior experience in a production or manufacturing setting would be highly advantageous.
  • written and spoken English proficiency for effective communication.
  • Work authorization in the United Kingdom (visa sponsorship will be furnished)

Responsibilities of Production Operative Jobs in UK

Your duties as a production operator at Agrial Fresh Produce will consist of the following:

  • Utilizing apparatus and equipment in the process of manufacturing fresh produce
  • product sorting, packaging, and labeling in accordance with quality standards.
  • maintaining a safe and sanitary working environment.
  • meeting quality control and production objectives.
  • Collaborating with a group of coworkers to accomplish production objectives

Requirements for Production Operative Jobs in UK

  • A commitment to producing high-quality products and meticulousness.
  • capacity for effective teamwork and adherence to instructions.
  • physical endurance and the capacity to execute duties that require moderate lifting and repetitive motions.
  • willingness to comply with health and safety protocols and attend training.

Work Setting:

You will be an essential member of the Agrial Fresh Produce team, a reputable organization in the United Kingdom recognized for its unwavering commitment to delivering fresh and superior-grade produce to its clientele. Our organization fosters a culture of collaboration and provides avenues for professional development in the fresh produce sector.

Additional Information:

  • Visa sponsorship will be extended to candidates who meet the necessary criteria.
  • competitive hourly compensation with bonus potential.
  • opportunities for comprehensive development and instruction.
  • Agrial Fresh Produce is an employer that values equal opportunity.

How to Apply for Production Operative Jobs in UK

To be considered for the Production Operative position at Agrial Fresh Produce, kindly email recruitmentuk@florette.com your resume along with a cover letter that comprehensively addresses your qualifications and pertinent experience. Subject your email to “Application for Production Operative, Agrial Fresh Produce, UK.”


International candidates interested in making a positive impact on the fresh produce sector are cordially invited to join the Agrial Fresh Produce team in the United Kingdom. Participating in this opportunity will grant you the chance to work as part of a team that guarantees the quality and freshness of our products in a dynamic and encouraging environment. We strongly support diversity and inclusion at Agrial Fresh Produce and encourage all qualified applicants to apply. Join us in delivering excellence in the production of fresh produce!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does a production operative do?

    A production operative works on the assembly line in factories and production plants. Your job involves feeding raw materials into machines and operating them during manufacturing. You can work in various manufacturing industries dealing with metals, plastics, and other consumer goods.

  2. What are the Qualifications of a Production Operator?

    You need a solid understanding of industry standards and safety protocols and the patience to perform repetitive tasks during your shifts. One of the qualifications for a career as a production operator is a high school diploma or GED certificate.

  3. What is a production operator called?

    A production operator, also known as a machine operator, uses equipment to assist in manufacturing, packaging, and other steps along a production line. Although exact duties may vary from company to company, a production operator may be expected to handle heavy machinery such as forklifts.

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