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Urgent Part-Time Administrative Clerk Jobs in Hong Kong 2024

Administrative Clerk Jobs in Hong Kong Without experience, New Town Medical is a leading and patient-focused medical faculty located in Hong Kong.

Our commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services, compassionate patient care, and a supportive environment has made us a trusted destination for those seeking medical care.

Even without prior experience, we are currently seeking motivated and committed individuals to join our team as part-time administrative clerks. Fresh graduates interested in healthcare administration and anxious to contribute to our mission of enhancing the health of our patients should consider this an exceptional opportunity.

Details of Urgent Part-Time Administrative Clerk Jobs in Hong Kong:

Job Overview:

Do you possess strong attention to detail and a strong aptitude for administrative duties? Do you have a particular interest in the healthcare industry? Even without prior experience, New Town Medical invites you to join our team as a part-time administrative clerk. Those who are keen to learn, assist with the administrative operations of a medical facility, and contribute to a positive patient experience would be well-suited for this position.


  • Provide support in managing patient registration, appointment coordination, and inquiries.
  • Accurately maintain and update patient information and records.
  • Perform administrative duties, including filing, data entry, and record management.
  • Provide support in maintaining order and sanitation within the reception and waiting areas.
  • As required, collaborate with the administrative staff to offer assistance.
  • Maintain standards of confidentiality and data security.
  • Observe hygiene and safety procedures within the medical facility.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • There is no prerequisite experience necessary; we offer thorough training.
  • Outstanding communication and organizational abilities.
  • Accuracy and attention to detail in administrative duties
  • A positive outlook and a commitment to delivering exceptional patient care.
  • Capability for effective teamwork and adaptability to altering conditions.
  • A readiness to acquire knowledge and adopt novel protocols and benchmarks.
  • Work authorization in Hong Kong

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Benefits of Part-Time Administrative Clerk Jobs in Hong Kong:

  • Organizational Development of Skills: An administrative clerk position refines one’s organizational abilities. You develop proficiency in file management, document processing, and office activity coordination.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: A significant number of administrative clerk positions function as entry-level positions, affording individuals the opportunity to acquire practical experience while entering the workforce.
  • Diverse work environments: Administrative clerks are in high demand across multiple sectors, including healthcare, finance, and government, thereby providing a wide range of employment prospects.
  • Maturity of Skills: These positions frequently necessitate adeptness with office software, communication tools, and multitasking, thereby enriching one’s technical and interpersonal proficiencies.
  • Professional Development: Administrative clerk positions may serve as stepping stones to other career paths or more senior-level administrative positions within an organization.
  • Stability and Security of Employment: A multitude of administrative positions offer consistent employment and job security, thereby fostering a perception of career stability.
  • A Comprehension of Organizational Dynamics: You obtain valuable insights into how an organization functions as an administrative clerk, which can be advantageous for your professional development.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Working closely with various departments, administrative clerks frequently develop their collaboration and interpersonal abilities.
  • A Confusion of Duties: Administrative work entails the opportunity to perform a diverse range of duties, which serves to mitigate monotony and infuse the occupation with novelty.
  • Proficiency in transferable abilities: The practical competencies gained through employment as an administrative clerk include effective time management, proficient communication, and meticulous attention to detail.

Application Process:

Candidates are requested to submit their resumes and cover letters either through this page or by emailing recruit@newtownmedical.com.hk.

  1. What are the qualifications for an administrative clerk?

    Administrative Clerk. Requirements: Grade 12/Senior Certificate No functional experience.

  2. How much do administrative officers make in Hong Kong?

    The average salary for an administrative officer is HK$42,225 per month in Hong Kong. The average additional cash compensation for an administrative officer in Hong Kong is HK$22,000, with a range from HK$12,500 to HK$47,500.

  3. What is the job of an administrative clerk?

    An administrative clerk handles office operations. As an administrative clerk, you may perform a wide range of clerical duties, such as answering phone calls, distributing mail, and scheduling appointments. You may also file documents, order office supplies, and assist customers.

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