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Urgent Dishwasher Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited, a well-known Canadian gaming and entertainment corporation, is pleased to offer dishwasher positions with visa sponsorship.

We extend an invitation to people worldwide to become a part of our team and enhance the culinary quality of our restaurants.

We urge you to apply if you are committed to keeping kitchens clean and have a valid visa that allows you to work in Canada.

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Details of Urgent Dishwasher Jobs in Canada




Benefits of Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

  • Rapid Recruitment: Dishwasher jobs are in high demand and provide fast employment opportunities for those who are unemployed.
  • Beginner’s level: Dishwasher positions are typically entry-level, making them accessible to those with limited work experience.
  • Group work: As dishwashers must collaborate closely with chefs, cooks, and other culinary staff, working in a restaurant kitchen fosters teamwork and collaboration.
  • Modular Hours: Numerous dishwashing careers offer flexible hours to accommodate students, part-time workers, and individuals with varying schedules.
  • On-the-Job Instruction: Dishwashers frequently receive on-the-job training to acquire essential skills, such as operating dishwashing equipment, maintaining sanitation, and adhering to safety protocols.
  • Rapid-Fire Environment: Kitchens in restaurants are renowned for their fast-paced and dynamic work environment, which offers a variety of daily tasks.
  • Consistent Employment: The consistent demand for dishwashers in the restaurant industry contributes to job security.
  • Professional Cooking Experience: Dishwashers work in professional kitchens, where they can observe and learn from seasoned chefs and culinary staff.
  • Hygiene Abilities: Dishwashing positions educate employees on the value of cleanliness and hygiene, which can be beneficial in a variety of contexts.
  • Machine Operation: Dishwashers acquire experience operating equipment and machinery in commercial kitchens.
  • Problem Resolution: Managing hectic kitchen periods and the demand for clean dishes sharpens problem-solving skills.
  • Successful time management: Dishwashers must effectively manage their time to keep up with the constant influx of dishes, which contributes to their time management abilities.
  • Potential for Advancement: In some instances, diligent individuals may have the chance to advance to more important positions in the kitchen or restaurant.
  • Educational Opportunities: Exposure to restaurant operations provides opportunities for learning about cuisine preparation, presentation, and the dining experience as a whole.
  • Inspirational Cooking: Working as a dishwasher can provide culinary arts enthusiasts with inspiration and insight into the restaurant industry.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Working in Canada is permitted with a valid visa.
  • a dedication to hygiene and a strong work ethic.
  • While not required, prior dishwasher experience is a plus.
  • Capacity to operate in a hectic culinary setting.
  • strong communication abilities.

Responsibilities of Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

Your main duties as a dishwasher at Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited will be:

  • cleaning and disinfecting cooking appliances, dishes, glasses, and kitchen utensils.
  • running dishwashing machines and making sure they’re cleaned and maintained.
  • Keeping the area where dishes are washed tidy and clutter-free
  • removing and discarding recyclables and garbage as needed.
  • helping kitchen employees when needed with simple meal preparation duties.
  • following safety and hygiene regulations.

Requirements for Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

To succeed in this position, you ought to:

  • Pay close attention to detail and commit to keeping the kitchen spotless.
  • Have effective communication abilities.
  • possess the ability to work quickly and effectively in a busy kitchen.
  • Possess dependability and flexibility in your work schedule.
  • Possess the physical capacity to lift light weights and stand for extended periods.

Work Setting:

Within our gaming and entertainment venues across Canada, Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited offers a dynamic and lively work environment. Your job as a dishwasher will be vital to the culinary team’s success and the upkeep of kitchen hygiene.

Additional Information:

  • Sponsorship for a visa is provided to qualified applicants.
  • The employment policy of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited is equal opportunity.
  • competitive perks and hourly pay.
  • programs for onboarding and training new employees.
  • Possibilities for professional growth inside the company

How to Apply for Dishwasher Jobs in Canada

Please send your resume and a brief cover letter outlining your interest in the role of dishwasher, as well as any relevant experience, to apply for dishwasher jobs. Apply online at info@gatewaycasinos.ca.


As dishwashers in Canada, we at Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited emphasize efficiency and cleanliness in our culinary operations, and we welcome people from all around the world to join our team. We invite you to apply if you are committed to keeping the kitchen clean and you have a valid work visa for Canada. Join us at Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited to further your career in Canada while being a part of a vibrant and stimulating work environment.

  1. How much do dishwashers get paid in Canada?

    The average dishwasher salary in Canada is $31,200 per year or $16 per hour

  2. How many hours does a dishwasher run per day?

    It’s normal for a regular dishwasher cycle to last for two hours or more, but the age and model of your dishwasher matter. The standard dishwasher cycle on modern machines tends to be longer than the typical cycle on older machines.

  3. What are the qualifications for a dishwasher?

    Dishwashers have a high school diploma or equivalent. Many dishwashers enhance their employability by getting a food handler certification card, which is obtained by taking a short course or program that covers food safety.

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