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Parts Technician Jobs in Canada 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Do you have extensive experience as a Parts Technician and a strong interest in the transportation and automotive industries? Do you desire to progress professionally in Canada but need visa sponsorship to do so? Palmer Automotive & Truck Center and Palmer Parts & Equipment are delighted to offer visa sponsorship opportunities for qualified candidates seeking Parts Technician positions in multiple locations across Canada.

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Details of Parts Technician Jobs in Canada

  • CompanyPalmer Automotive & Truck Center
  • Job Position: Parts Technician
  • Job Types: Full-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: Minimum 1–3 Years of Experience
  • Salary: 16.00 to 18.00 hourly (to be negotiated) or 40 to 48 hours per week
  • Location: Summerside, PE, Canada

About Palmer Automotive & Truck Center/Palmer Parts & Equipment:

Palmer Parts & Equipment and Palmer Automotive & Truck Center are entrenched enterprises that specialize in the sale of parts and equipment in addition to automotive and truck services. We are dedicated to providing our consumers with products and services of the highest quality while fostering a culture of expansion and excellence. Become a member of our team and contribute to an organization that places a premium on proficiency, commitment, and ingenuity.

Position Overview:

In your capacity as a Parts Technician at Palmer Parts & Equipment/Palmer Automotive & Truck Center, you will be responsible for the procurement and distribution of truck and automobile parts. Included in your responsibilities will be:

  • Parts Ordering: Identifying and ordering the appropriate parts by the repair requirements, vehicle specifications, and customer requests.
  • Inventory Management: Managing inventory with precision, monitoring stock levels, and arranging components in the warehouse.
  • Customer Service: Delivering exceptional customer service through inquiry resolution and assistance with part selection and purchase.
  • Technical Knowledge: Applying one’s technical expertise to suggest appropriate components and supplementary items to repair and enhance.
  • Shipping and Receiving: Assembling components for shipment or collection, receiving incoming shipments, and preparing orders for shipment.
  • Vendor Relations: Establishing and sustaining robust partnerships with purveyors and suppliers of components to guarantee procurement that is both efficient and economical.
  • Documentation: Maintaining documentation of transactions involving parts, such as invoices, receipts, and returns.

Benefits of Parts Technician Jobs:

  • Diversity in Sectors: Parts technicians are employed in numerous sectors, including construction, aerospace, manufacturing, and automotive, among others. This diversity affords opportunities for sector-specific experience gain.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Sectors that depend on parts technicians frequently experience a steady influx of replacement components and parts, which ensures employment security.
  • Career Advancement: Parts technicians can advance to supervisory or managerial roles within parts departments or related disciplines with additional education and experience.
  • Practical Work: Working with physical components, tools, and machinery on a regular basis provides parts technicians with rewarding, hands-on experience, which is ideal for those who appreciate practical tasks.
  • Skills for solving problems: The regular occurrence of troubleshooting and resolving issues pertaining to components in this position can hone one’s problem-solving abilities.
  • Technical Expertise: Parts technicians acquire a profound comprehension of a wide range of systems, components, and parts, which can prove advantageous in both the professional and personal spheres.
  • Customer Engagement: Parts technicians may interact with consumers, offering assistance and advice and ensuring their satisfaction, depending on the nature of the work. This can enhance one’s consumer service and communication abilities.
  • Potential Areas for Specialization: Opportunities exist to specialize in particular categories of components within the domain of parts management, including electrical components, engine components, and specialized equipment components.
  • Competitive Benefits and Compensation: In addition to competitive compensation and benefits, parts technician positions frequently include healthcare, retirement, and bonus provisions.
  • Sector Trends: Parts management positions provide the opportunity to remain current on technological developments, industry trends, and innovations in the manufacturing and distribution of parts.
  • Proficiency in transferable abilities: A number of the competencies acquired during one’s tenure as a parts technician, including procurement, inventory management, and logistics, are applicable across various sectors, thereby providing professional versatility.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Owing to their passion for machinery operation, problem-solving, and enhancing the operational efficiency of organizations, parts technician positions can provide immense fulfillment to their employers.


  • Maintain a secure working environment by adhering to all organization safety policies, procedures, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) prerequisites.
  • Deliver professional and courteous counter service to all internal and external clients.
  • Maintaining consistent communication with Maintenance management concerning the supply and upkeep of essential components
  • Ensure compliance with operational policies and procedures to accomplish safety goals.
  • Maintain and arrange the inventory areas
  • Receiving and shipping
  • Maintain records of purchases and issuances Comply with the correct shift crossover procedure
  • As required, the safe operation of a forklift

Education and Experience:

  • One to two years of progressive and relevant warehouse or parts room work experience
  • GED or High School Diploma
  • Prior experience is regarded as a benefit


By accepting the position of Parts Technician at Palmer Automotive & Truck Center/Palmer Parts & Equipment, you will significantly support our organization’s objective of delivering exceptional parts and equipment to our esteemed clientele. We highly regard your proficiency in the transportation and automotive sectors and are dedicated to assisting you in attaining your objective of securing employment in Canada through visa sponsorship. This is an exceptional opportunity to join a company that is built upon excellence and quality.

  1. What is a part-time technician job description?

    Parts technicians manage and dispense parts inventories, which may include automotive, heavy-duty, farm implement, industrial, recreational vehicle, jobber, plumbing, electrical, etc.

  2. How do I become a parts technician in Canada? 

    The term of apprenticeship for a parts technician is three years (three 12-month periods), including a minimum of 1500 hours of on-the-job training each year and six weeks of apprenticeship education in the first and third years. eight weeks of apprenticeship education in the second year.

  3. How much do parts technicians make in Canada?

    The average salary for a parts technician is $69,074 per year in Canada. The average additional cash compensation for a parts technician in Canada is $16,242, with a range from $7,107 to $37,122. Salaries estimates are based on 78 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Parts Technician employees in Canada.

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