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Tyre Technician Jobs at Station Road Tyres in UK 2024

Individuals who possess a profound interest in automobiles and possess a technical aptitude may be interested in investigating the rewarding position of Tyre Technician at Station Road Tyres in the United Kingdom. Station Road Tyres, a reputable and client-centric provider of automotive services, offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to showcase their expertise in the field of tire servicing and maintenance.

This article will discuss the responsibilities of a Tyre Technician at Station Road Tyres, the advantages of being employed in this ever-evolving sector, and the application process for individuals interested in joining their committed automotive team.

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Details of Tyre Technician Jobs at Station Road Tyres in UK:

Company: Station road tyres
Job Positions: Tyre technician
Job Location:Godalming, Surrey, UK
Job Type: Full Time Permanent-Part-time
Salary: £15.00 to £20.00 Hourly
Experience1-2 Years of Experience

Benefits of Tyre Technician Jobs:

  • Maintaining Job Stability: The ongoing presence of vehicles on the road will ensure a sustained demand for tire technicians. This ensures employment stability, given the consistent requirement for tire replacement and maintenance.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: Tyre technician positions frequently demand only rudimentary formal education or prior experience, rendering them feasible entry-level employment for individuals embarking on an automotive industry career.
  • Practical Work: The practical, hands-on duties of a tire technician include the installation, repair, and maintenance of tires. Individuals who have a penchant for mechanical issues and manual labor may find this a gratifying aspect of the occupation.
  • Prospects for the Development of Skills: The occupation of a tire technician offers prospects for the acquisition of mechanical expertise and comprehension of the fitting, balancing, alignment, and repair methodologies of tires. On-the-job training and ongoing education both contribute to the development of skills and the progression of businesses.
  • A Range of Duties: Tire technicians are responsible for a range of duties, which encompass the diagnosis of tire problems, the provision of suitable recommendations, the installation and removal of tires, the execution of wheel alignments, and the execution of routine tire maintenance. This variety allows technicians to acquire new skills and maintains the job’s appeal.
  • Customer Engagement: Tyre technicians frequently engage in direct customer interaction, wherein they advise clients on tire alternatives, resolve customer apprehensions, and provide recommendations. Technicians can develop customer service skills and establish rapport with clients through this interaction.
  • Possibilities for Progress: Tyre technicians have the potential to progress to more specialized positions within the automotive sector, including certification as tire specialists, service managers, or automotive technicians, through the acquisition of further training and experience.
  • Industry Preference: The automotive sector, which encompasses tire services, remains expanding due to the rising volume of vehicles in circulation. The continuous need for tire services guarantees a steady stream of employment prospects for competent technicians.
  • Compensatory Competitiveness: In general, tire technicians are remunerated competitively, with benefits including employee discounts on automotive products and services, health insurance, and retirement plans, in addition to hourly wages or salaries and performance-based incentives.
  • Enhancement of Vehicle Safety: Maintaining correctly serviced tires on motor vehicles is critical for ensuring road safety. Maintenance and replacement of tires by tire technicians are essential for preventing collisions and ensuring the secure operation of vehicles on the road.

Responsibilities of Tyre Technician Jobs

  • Tire installation, balancing, and mounting on a variety of vehicles while ensuring appropriate alignment and fit.
  • Conduct tire maintenance, including puncture repairs, valve replacement, and tread damage repair.
  • To ensure the safe and efficient completion of tire-related duties, employ the proper tools and equipment.
  • Wheel Alignment: Wheel alignment services are performed using computerized tire alignment equipment.
  • Maintain appropriate alignment by inspecting and repairing suspension components as necessary.
  • Deliver to clients alignment reports accompanied by recommendations based on conclusions.
  • Tire inspection and maintenance: Perform tire inspections to assess tread depth, damage, and deterioration.
  • Customer recommendations regarding tire maintenance, replacement, and rotation ought to be tailored to the specific requirements of their vehicles.
  • Maintain detailed records of all tire services rendered and client data.
  • Deliver prompt and well-informed assistance to customers.
  • Regarding the selection, maintenance, and performance of tires, consumers must be provided with expert guidance.
  • Promptly and professionally address inquiries, concerns, and complaints from clients when they communicate with you.
  • Ensure the workshop remains a tidy and structured environment by following proper procedures for disposing of discarded tires and other relevant materials.
  • Perform routine maintenance and calibration on tire equipment to guarantee its precision and dependability.
  • Ensure a secure working environment by complying with health and safety regulations and guidelines.

Skills and credentials:

  • Preferred is experience working as a tire technician or in a position closely associated with automotive operations.
  • expertise in tire maintenance, repair, and installation.
  • knowledge of computerized alignment equipment and wheel alignment techniques
  • To operate a variety of tools and apparatus, technical expertise and exceptional physical dexterity are required.
  • Demonstrating keen attention to detail and the ability to precisely adhere to instructions and regulations while providing excellent customer service capabilities, including the ability to communicate clearly and assist clients.
  • Physical fitness and the capability to lift and transport large tires are required.
  • the capability of computerized service and consumer data capture
  • A valid driver’s license is an asset.
  • At Station Road Tyres, you will be afforded the chance to assist in the maintenance and protection of vehicles, provide exceptional customer service, and operate within a dynamic and stimulating automotive setting in your capacity as a tire technician.

What does a tyre expert do?

A tire technician is an expert who retreads tires after evaluating their tread depth and valve quality, as well as examining wear patterns to determine how much life remains in the tire. Nothing is required to submit a job.

How can I train to be a tyre fitter in the UK?

  • The steps required to become a tire installer
  • Acquire a certification in tire installation. It is important to note that the companies mentioned in this article are not affiliated with Indeed.
  • Complete an apprenticeship…
  • acquire work-related expertise.
  • Complete the application for the position of tire installer. Cooperation, strategy, organization, and an automotive technician

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  1. How do I become a tire fitter in the UK?

    You could take a college course to get some of the skills needed for this job. Courses include vehicle fitting principles. specialist tire-fitting competence.

  2. What is the average salary for a tire fitter in the UK?

    The average tire fitter salary in the United Kingdom is £24,514 per year or £12.57 per hour. Entry-level positions start at £22,425 per year, while most experienced workers make up to £30,896 per year.

  3. What is the job description of a tire technician?

    Position mounts or demounts tires; ensures conformance to industry standards; examines and repairs tires; performs preventative maintenance; and responds to emergency road calls. The position also inventories and requisitions supplies and prepares paperwork. The position may require working evenings, nights, and weekends.

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